Hotstar For PC – How To Get Hotstar On Computer 2017

Hotstar an application launched by Star India has grown to become one of the popular live entertainment channels for people of the country. This popular application which was launched back in the year 2015 does have more than 10 million users across the country who use it to watch their favourite channels for free.

This application which does host several channels owned by STAR India has a lot of diverse content, and the users can watch anything starting from comedy to suspense, Tv shows to a blockbuster movie. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

While this application is successfully running across smartphones, the company hasn’t taken the initiative to launch a PC app for the same. So how successful is this application? What are the shortcomings? Howe to get a PC version for same? Let’s find out.

Hotstar Interface

The hotstar application has been designed keeping latest trends and techniques of app design in its mind. It has distinctly laid out the pattern of tiles which allow you to browse through channels with ease. There is a neat menu option from where you can pick up categories as well as watch the channels or shows you desire.

The player too has a modern outlook to it, and as soon as you select a video, it begins playing automatically. Overall this application score 9 out 10 in terms of the outline.

Hotstar Performance

Although the application is extremely elegant looking the problem comes as soon as you start playing video or watching the channels. IN the start of every video you will face an inevitable 1-minute add which you cannot skip.

If you are playing the video on a smartphone, then the quality of the video is fine rather high definition, however, as soon as you switch to a larger screen, the image quality deteriorates.

One more issue you will experience with the hotstar application is that once you move away from the video playback screen for attending a call or sending a text message, you will be sent back to the home page. You will need to go through the entire process of selecting the video as well as viewing that irritating 1-minute advertisement.

So, these are some minor issues with the performance of this application, however other than this everything seems fine.

In terms performance, we give this application 7 out of 10 stars.

Hotstar Content

We found the content of this website to be truly amazing. It does consist of plenty of channels and episodes which are simply a click away. In case you are a fan of serials as well as other STAR channels than this application will satisfy all your desires.

This application not only does contain channels but also has latest movies, both English and Hindi for the user to watch and download. Each of these movies is of high quality, and no issues of piracy or any other copyright are violated in same.

It also allows you to stream live channels however in the free version the video runs a minute behind than original. The streaming is A class, and for the people who don’t have a television of subscription to HD channels, it serves as a great gift.

Getting it for your PC

Now, that we have talked about Hotstar application and found out that it doesn’t count as of yet have a version available for Windows, we are going to discuss so as to run this on PC. To do so, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Get Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a popular software which turns any of your devices into an android simulator. So, in case you have a Windows installed on your laptop or desktop, the foremost step to get hotstar for PC would be to get this emulator. Get this emulator downloaded from This software once you download will work fine with any Windows be it XP, Windows 7,8 or 10.

  1. Installation of Bluestacks

The next step towards getting a hotstar application for your PC would be to get the software you just downloaded installed in your system. To do this double click on file and proceed with every step you are being told by the installation guide.

  1. Download Hotstar Application

Once you have successfully installed the application as well as created the account, now go to the Google play store through Bluestacks and search for ‘hotstar’. You will the application link at the top of the search results. Now press ‘install’ button and the application will be downloaded as well as installed on your PC.

  1. Run and Enjoy Your Favourite Shows

Now as you have successfully finished installing this software, go to the home page of your emulator, and search for the hot star icon. Once found simply click on the same and you will able to browse through the wide range of channels available successfully.

How Good Is It For your PC?

While you will be able to run the application successfully on your system, you might be left disappointed with the video quality, even though the app will claim to run an HD version. The application has been designed keeping smartphones in mind, and the flexibility or adaptability hasn’t been taken much care of.

So instead of running the application, we would suggest you visit ‘’, and this will guide provide you with a much better experience and viewing.

Our Verdict

Although this application has been designed keeping modern users in mind, there are many modifications which are required from developers end. The first, as well as the most important thing, is to ensure that the video plays from the same point even after the user switches screen or attend some calls.

Secondly, an option to skip the advertisements should be provided considering a minute is too long for the user to bear.

Apart from this, the application is smooth as well as extremely useful for people who don’t wish to spend extra on subscribing for channels.

According to our review and complete analysis of the application, this hotstar app deserves 8 out of 10 stars.

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