Best Cartoon Avatars Makers Websites 2017

Lots of people I meet that say what can replace online profile can be good because those people are not very comfortable to show their real photos in public. So what If I tell you that there is a way to replace your real photos from animated avatars. Yes, you can make you own animated avatar for FREE. And make it your profile anywhere online and your privacy won’t be disturbed, and at the same time, you will look more humorous, fancy and funny. So let’s move on to some of the best cartoon avatars makers websites.

Coming to the point, I’m just saying that by animating yourself and by using your imagination to create your looks which can result into something extraordinary. It is not like that you can create only one image, but you can create multiple images with different colors, themes, and designs.

Best Cartoon Avatars Makers 2017

  1. Portrait Illustration maker –

Portrait Illustration maker is one of the website which makes free animated avatar for free. The website already has many inbuilt tweaky avatars. All you have to do is click on the “Randomizer” button and it will start generating different avatars. If you want to modify the avatar then you can also do that. To save the image you have to Right click on it in the context menu.

2. WeeWorld –

WeeWorld is one the most creative websites creating animated avatars. All you have to do is browse through the website and choose your desired WEEMEE character. The reason I said that the website is very creative is it has many faces, shoes clothes, eyes and hairstyles to choose from. So, you won’t get tired the website anytime.

3. Manga Avatar Face maker –

Undoubtedly, the most popular animated avatar maker website right now. The website is easy to use. All you have to do is pick a face from the different options. It has may different ranges of colors, skin tones, face parts, hairstyles and more. The website is fun to use, and you can create a cartoon character face which is your exact look-alike.

4. Moron face –

As the name suggests Moron face turns your uploaded face into funny mesmerizing pictures. It is one of the best cartoon avatars makers tool. It is built in with hundreds of funny tweaks which can be added as a feature on your face. You can use it in your face or your friends face and even your enemies face. If you just want to be concentrated on funny faces, then this website is the best choice for you.

5. Pick a face –

Pick a face is another very interesting website to make cartoon avatars of yourself. Just browse the website, and you find different options to select gender, language and then you have to just start putting your creativity into your editing. The website has amazing feature to offer to make better avatars. The avatars can be saved as photos later.

6. MessDudes –

Messdudes is another great cartoon avatars makers tool to make funny and creative cartoon avatars. The website lets to do you complete makeover of yourself which can be used in free at different social media platforms directly. There are modifications in the website which are simply awesome like having an ice cream in your hand, tweaky hair styles, clothes, eyes, shoes, etc.

7. Build your Wild Self –

This one is most interesting from all the websites mentioned in the list. As the name suggests, from this website you can create your wild avatar using all the body parts of different animals like birds, lion, tiger, dragons, insects, etc. The combinations are unique, and creativity and definitely will amaze you. All the important tools and features are available in the website only, you have to just upload the photo and start editing.

8. Yahoo Avatars –

Yahoo avatars is a website which more used for expressing feeling for someone or something. For example – you want to support your favorite football team or cricket team or you want to propose someone, then the website has all the quotes and feeling expressing effects you want.

9. iPiccy Photo Editor –

iPiccy photo editor is definitely one of the most popular editing and cartooning websites across the internet. It consists many different features which makes it a 2 in 1 website because it does a great job at both editing and cartooning. With all the traditional editing features there are cartooning features which are out of the world. For example – Retro comics, shading and pencil drawing.

10. Custom Anime –

Customer Anime is a whole package because it doesn’t just let you to cartoon the face but the whole body. The website has a huge collection of different clothes, hair styles, makeovers. It can make a whole new avatar of yourself.

11. Cartoonize –

Cartoonize is a website that lets you animate the photos in many different ways. All you have to do is upload any photos of yours or anyone and start editing. The provided editing tool in the website has great features to look for. You should give this cartoon avatars makers software a try once.

12. Pixton’s Picks –

Pixton’s Picks is not just editing website, but you can also arrange quotes in the edited photos. So simply I can say that you can create your own comic book by showing different situations with your added emotions and creativity to it. You can also set text bubble with the images to create your own comic book.

13. Create your mangatar –

A very simple but very creative website, create your mangatar lets you make customized faces of different popular characters and celebrities. You have to upload your desired photo and choose any of your favorite characters to customize your photo with it. After it’s done, you can the download the photos and save it anywhere on the PC.

Final Words –

Finally, I wanted to tell you that all the websites are much that you will face problem while choosing anyone of them. So, you can try each and ever website which is mentioned because every website has their own features, themes and customization. I’m sure about this that all the websites are going to charm you by their epic creativity.

So, thus was my views and thoughts on cartoon avatar making websites. If you any question related to the article, then please comment them in the comment section.

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